Local Certification Services Pty Ltd was formed in 2006 with the merging of two established certification companies, Inspec NSW Pty Ltd and Andrew Dean Consulting Pty Ltd. We offer a broad range of certification services for all types of development from small-scale residential projects to large-scale mixed use commercial and residental projects.


We now boast six offices across New South Wales with fourteen Accredited Certifiers. Our staff have extensive experience in the building industry and have worked in both the public and private sectors. Our Accredited Certifiers possess an extensive knowledge of all facets of the building industry. We have established a record for providing a reliable, efficient and competitive service throughout the construction phase of your development.


Before any work can commence on your site, you must appoint a Principal Certifying Authority (PCA). The PCA will complete inspections throughout the course of construction and certify that works are progressing in accordance with the Building Code of Australia and the conditions of the development approval. Once all works have been completed to a satisfactory standard the PCA will issue an Occupation Certificate. 


The benefit of using Local is that your PCA will be someone local to your area with expert knowledge of the local requirements and conditions.


If you have a development consent from a Consent Authority you will need to obtain a Construction Certificate before any works can commence on your site. A suitably qualified Accredited Certifier will assess the plans, specifications and any other relevant documentation against the requirements of the Development Consent, the Building Code of Australia and any other relevant Australian Standards. 


We have accredited certifiers of all accreditation levels to manage your application.


Complying Development is a streamlined approval process for routine development. The plans, specifications and application documentation are assessed against the specific development standards of the Complying Development Policy. This certificate negates the need for a development application through Council. Complying Development Certificates can be a much quicker process with some approvals issued in as little as 10 days! 


The State Environmental Planning Policy (Exempt and Complying Development) was introduced in February 2009 and the popularity of Complying Development boomed. The policy has undergone extensive changes in recent years to include residential, commerical and industrial developments.


A complying development certificate must be issued before the commencement of any works on site including site works such as demolition or excavation.


An Occupation Certificate must be issued by the PCA prior to the occupation or use of a new development. The Occupation Certificate certifies that the the building is suitable for occupation or use in accordance with its classification under the Building Code of Australia. There are instances where an Interim Occupation Certificate may be issued which will allow you to occupy the building while still completing some ancillary, minor works such as landscaping and external works.  



The amendment of an approved Landscape Plan during the course of a development is not uncommon. However, the process involved in making this change may not be as easy as you might think. If you are proposing a change to your Landscape Plan and require more information  please click here.